Junie & TheHutFriends are a Pittsburgh-based indie-pop band fueled by chaos and DIY spirit. Consisting of vocalist Junie Grey and her six masked bandmates, TheHutFriends, the group operates at the intersection of music, technology, and animation. 

The band formed in 2018 when Junie collaborated with her future bandmate, Tall Friend, on music for her robotics YouTube channel, Junie Genius. A few bandmates later, the group debuted in 2019 with their single, “AngstMode3000,” supported by a music video that featured the band being chased through a mall by an evil pack of robot clones.

Since then, the group has expanded its universe through a series of genre-bending singles, music videos featuring green screen animation, and posts on social media that allow listeners a look into the band’s wacky and sometimes paranormal world.

Junie & TheHutFriends 2022