Junie & TheHutFriends

Junie & TheHutFriends is an art pop musical dumpster fire. Consisting of mad scientist and lead singer, Junie Grey (she builds robots. they break constantly) and her literal band of cloaked hut friends, the band aims to craft a technicolor universe, explored through layered synth pieces, robot music videos, and (too many) harmonies.

Note: Since literally no one helped me in writing these, I guessed a lot. Except for the bio titled “Junie.” That’s all true.

xoxo, junie


Mad scientist. Lead “singer” Used to build robots in an infested basement. Now I build them on the second floor of a (less infested) house.


I went to college.

As the title states, this one is the tallest Hut Friend. Not, like, basketball player tall, but, you know, tall. And I’m tall, so that’s saying something.


Also, this one plays the piano, or the synth (?). I don’t know, it looks like a piano to me.


(Edit: It’s a synth, and this one does, in fact, play basketball)


When all of TheHutFriends decided to get pizza at 2AM, this one decided not to go because they’re “watching their carbs.”


(Edit: Gluten Intolerant)


Not to be confused with TheSmartOne. You know what you did.

Average height, mild mannered. Talks a lot about crime, but I’m sure it’s nothing.


(Edit: It’s something)


We went to the gym once, but they ditched me because I have “bad form.”


I don’t know. Mostly there’s five of them, but sometimes, this one shows up. No one really mentions it, so I assume it’s not a big deal, but still, I wonder.


(Edit: There’s six. I’m ignorant.)