Welcome to the band! I'm Junie. Below you can find some helpful info about your new bandmates ❤️

BUT BE WARNED: Do not. Do NOT talk about The Sixth...more on that later....or not...idk...



Instrument: Vocals

Special Skill: Cursed video production

Favorite Band Memory: Not really sure if this counts, but one time Smart Friend and I were supposed to go to a "business dinner," but I drove us to Chuck E. Cheese's instead. I had fun, but Smart Friend went to the bathroom and cried for the duration of Chuck E's dinner show.

(Edit from Smart Friend: No. I didn't cry in the bathroom. The mouse sprayed me with strange liquid, and it made my eyes water)

Tall Friend

Instrument: Synth

Special Skill: Bird Appreciation

Favorite Band Memory: One time, we all went to an escape room. None of us made it out, but we tried our best!

(Edit from Crime Friend: I didn't try at all. I literally took a nap)

Quote: "Wow! I can't believe I baked ALL THESE COOKIES for charity!"

Ripped Friend

Instrument: Triangle....just triangle.....

Special Skill: Singing

Favorite Band Memory: I invited Junie to go hiking, and on the trail, I started singing a hiking tune. Junie tried to sing along but failed miserably because she lacks proper breath support.

(Edit from Junie: I'M TRYING, OKAY?!)

Quote: "I am a classically trained Operatic Baritone, but for some reason, we let Junie sing"

Smart Friend

Instrument: My brain

Special Skill: Everything

Favorite Band Memory: One time, I secretly manipulated Junie to take me to Chuck E. Cheese's. While we were there, I began negotiating a deal to get our music playing at all Pennsylvania locations. Before I could finish, the mouse approached and sprayed me with strange liquid.


Quote: "No. And let me explain why you're wrong...."

Crime Friend

Instrument: Drums

Special Skill: Let's just say I'm good at making connections

Favorite Band Memory: One time I sent Tall Friend an invitation to contribute cookies to a fake charity bake sale. I sold the cookies for $2 apiece and bought a blender.

(Edit from Smart Friend: Please come to my office. I'm not mad. I'm disappointed)

Quote: "If you saw me, no you didn't"

Wise Guy

Instrument: Hat

Special Skill: Chaos

Favorite Band Memory: I got a job as a mouse mascot at Chuck E. Cheese's. I got fired after one shift, and I used my paycheck to buy three dozen cookies from Crime Friend.

(Edit from Tall Friend: Ooh! Cookies! What flavor?)

Quote: *horse noises*

Instrument: ????

Special Skill: ????

Favorite Band Memory: ????

Quote: ????

Junie & TheHutFriends 2023